Active people l Jesse





“It could take me a few hours to tell you what I've learned in here.

It basically comes to talking to other people and realising how easy it actually is. I talk to everybody here.”




“My dad can't read. He plays games too. He decided to play all the games that have so much reading in them.

He'll be playing a game and a character will talk, it's just letters and I've got to come in and read to him so he knows what they're saying.”




“Working in here has changed my life; more than I can even describe.

My parents, they mostly see the difference in me. I've changed a lot more than I ever thought it was even possible; in a good way I mean.”






When Jesse had a phone call from Red Cross,

talking about Substation33 he thought it was

“too good to be true.”


Soon after graduating from school, Jesse went down to YFS’ social enterprise wanting to get some work experience.

Jesse volunteered four days a week for a whole year disassembling electronic waste at Substation33. Now he has found a new job, he still volunteers two days a week.


“I kept coming in as I was just loving this place. Now I can't even imagine what life was like without it. I tell people this is a fantastic place for making friends, learning and getting

something to do. This place really makes you feel like you belong, and that´s a really nice feeling. No matter who you are. Everywhere I go I spread the word.”


Jesse is a helpful and talkative person, but somehow, that didn’t help much when making friends at school.


Working at Substation33 has not only given him the satisfaction of spending time in a worthwhile way but has also allowed him to improve his communication and networking skills.


“That’s the best thing. That’s what I cherish the most. Working in here has changed my life; more than I can even describe.

I do like the person I am now more than what I liked myself before."


"I really enjoy being here, making friends and helping. I love feeling helpful.”


Realising how easy it is to talk to other people has had a significant impact on Jesse’s life. He now wants to stand out from the crowd and has started thinking even bigger, confident that applying the skills he’s learnt will help him achieve his dream of becoming a really good YouTuber.


“I want to review games; I'd like people to hear my opinion on something,” he says.







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